Punic and Roman Pinchos

Punic and Roman Pinchos

Celebration of the first edition of the Punic and Roman pinchos route in Ibiza

‘Ibiza City Council co-organizes the first edition of the Punic and Roman pinchos route in Eivissa that will take place from December 8 to 10. The gastronomic proposal will feature talks, a live cooking demonstration and a contest.

The Department of Tourism and Commerce of the City of Eivissa, in collaboration with the Mediterranean Treasures Association, the Government of the Islands, the Museum of Puig des Molins and the Island Council of Eivissa organizes the first edition of Punic and Roman pinchos to claim and to make known the Punic Eivissa from the gastronomy.

With documentary sources of antiquity, research and experimentations of their own and the research that different scientists continue to do year after year, the archaeologist Helena Inglada and the gastronomic journalist Andoni Sarriegi will accompany the culinary process of participating establishments that will culminate with the first Ruta de pinchos Punic and Romans from the city of Eivissa.

Different restaurants from the city of Eivissa will participate in the pinchos route, restaurants that wish to can sign up for this initiative by contacting ibushim.comunicacio@gmail.com via email. The restaurants that participate in the pinchos route must prepare two types of Punic pinchos, following the indications of the organization, one of the skewers will go to the contest. The prize for the winner will be a diploma and the reproduction of a Punic sculpture by Toni Frígoles.
The Puig des Molins Museum will host a sample and tasting of the different gastronomic proposals that go to contest, a coherent showcooking and a talk-visit of Punic and Roman cuisine for bars, restaurants, hotels and citizens in general.
This gastronomic route will be part of the events of the Cultural Route of the Council of Europe, the Route of the Phoenicians, formed by 19 countries, from Lebanon in Spain.’

29th Eivissa Jazz Edition

29th Eivissa Jazz Edition

Four days of some of the best Jazz in today’s music scene, a wide variety of artisits and all time Jazz music.

The Festival starts on Wednesday 6th September with more concerts than in previous editions, the Ibiza Jazz the Experience Documentary premiere, José Luis Luna Rocafort’s photografic exhibition on the Jazz Festival (from the 5th to the 22nd of September at the Refectory) and the presentation of the video clip ‘Thrashê’ by Omar Alcaide Quartet (September 8th at the Refectory).

This year’s first day session will take place on ‘Carrer del Comte de Rosselló’ and ‘Carrer Anibal’ with the Big Band Ciutat d’Eivissa (at 09 pm) and Mariola Membrives (at 10 pm), free entrance.

On the second day, the 7th, and for the rest of the Festival, the music travels to Santa Llúcia’s Bastion in Dalt Vila with:

07th September
09.30 pm MAP
10.30 pm Ximo Tebar

08th September
09.30 pm Kontxi Lorente Trio
10.30 pm Ibiza Jazz The Experience

09th September
09.30 pm MALSTROM. Winning group at Getxo Jazz 2017 Festival
10.30 pm Marcin Wasilewski Trio.

You can purchase your tickets previously at Can Ventosa or at the Bastion for 12€

The Ibiza Jazz The Experience Documentary premiere will take place on the 15th September in Can Ventosa at 09 pm, free entrance.

Teaser Ibiza Jazz the Eexperience from Marco Torres Walker (GKaplan) on Vimeo.

L.A. Studio Opening Tonight

L.A. Studio Opening Tonight

An old brick factory becomes a new art space

L.A. Studio, a design studio located in Madrid fell in love with the venue as soon as they saw it. Perforated walls through which the wind passed with a ceiling like in hangars made the trick!

Tonight, from 9pm, we can experience the mixture of its industrial aspect with 20th century style decoration, among which we can find a piece of local artist Willie Marquez.

L.A. Studio is located on: Km 6,2 Road Ibiza to Santa Eulalia 07800 Ibiza

Antonio Canales at Flamenco Nights

Antonio Canales at Flamenco Nights

Great beginning of Flamenco Nights at Destino

Last week was the first night of season 2017 and it couldn’t have a better start! Josemi Carmona ‘Habichuela’ and his friends, Rafita de Madrid, Luis Amador, Mati, Marina Valiente and special guest Farru were in charge of colouring the night with their music, dance and voices!

Marina Valiente

So, who will be at Destino this week? The great Antonio Canales!

Son and grandson of artists, he became interested in ballet from an early age. His first professional opportunity was given by the Spanish National Ballet, where he soon became the company’s solo dancer and, for which, he has choreographed Two shows: ‘Grito’ (1998) premiered at New York City Center and ‘A Ciegas’ (1999), with which Canales made his début at the Teatro de la Zarzuela as BNE’s guest.
Before starting his own company, which was presented in Bilbao in 1992 with the staging of ‘A ti, Carmen Amaya’ and ‘Siempre Flamenco’, Antonio Canales developed a solo career as a flamenco interpreter, required at important international Galas in which he shared scenarios with great figures like Carmen Amaya, Maya Plisétskaya or Carla Fracci among others.
Leading his company, Canales has signed acts and successes Such as ‘Torero’ (1993), ‘Gitano’ (1997), ‘La Cenicienta’ (2000), ‘Ojos Verdes’ (2003) and ‘Carmen Carmela’.
The choreographer and ‘bailaor’ from Seville has also starred in the film ‘Vengo’ and is the author of the novel ‘Sangre de Albero’.
He received the National Dance Prize in 1995 and he is member of the CID UNESCO since 2013; In 2017 he received the Silver Slipper by Indanza Association.

Another special guest of the night is Mónica Fernández

Born in Barcelona and graduated from the Royal Conservatory of Seville, bailaora Mónica Fernández expanded her training in classical Spanish and flamenco with ‘maestros’ such as La Chana, Manolete, Mercé Esmeralda, Ciro, Javier Latorre and Antonio Canales. She has several prizes, among them, one of the Minas de la Unión Contest in 1994’s edition. Few artists as young as she can brag to have a career as extensive as hers. She has been part of companies such as La Chana, Manolete, Antonio Canales, Tito Losada, Juan de Juan or Rafael Amargo, with whom he acted as the first dancer in the shows Poeta in New York and Tiempo muerto. Also with Antonio Canales has represented main characters in Narciso, Torero or Gitano in which she was the solo dancer with more than 900 representations.
Canales relied on her to act as a stepsister in Cinderella as well as to teach at his school, where she has carried out almost all her teaching activity. In 2009 she worked as Choreography Assistant in the television program “Fama” (Cuatro TV) with Antonio Canales; as soloist with Marta Heredia’s Company; as the first dancer with the Tito Losada’s Company, in the show “Entre telones” and in Cape Verde with the show “El alma en un momento” by Casa Patas Foundation.

Alongside Antonio Canales and Mónica Fernández will be Josemi Carmona, Rafita de Madrid, Luis Amador and Mati.

All together, it promises to be a great night.

Flamenco Night

Flamenco Night

Every Tuesday during this summer Hotel Destino will become a place of encounters between the best Flamenco artists of the Spanish Flamneco scene.

Under Josemi Carmona “Habichuela” (guitarist of Ketama) guidance, this flamenco show is presented each week with a special guest.

Josemi Carmona ‘Habichuela’ & Rafita de Madrid, last summer at Destino

Beginning June 13th with Farru, a great ‘bailaor’, brother of Farruquito. And on June 20th with Antonio Canales joined by “Carpeta”, Karime Amaya, “Nino de los Reyes” together with “Triana”, “Marina Valiente and Pol Vaquero”, the great Claudia Cruz and Monica Fernández complete the cast that will enliven the dinner show.

Also, to be highlighted, the great level of the artist, some of them with their own company and shows touring around the whole world at the moment.

Under the artistic direction of Juan Gracia (component of Tricicle) a series of characters, flash mobs and rumbita will welcome and liven up the breaks and end of party. Similarly, the renowned visual artist Rob Loren (considered among the 20 best in the world) will enliven visuals based on the writing of Willie Márquez and flamenco shadows.

Ibiza Medieval

Ibiza Medieval

The Medieval Market is back in town!

This year is a special one, the Medieval Market celebrates its 18th Anniversary! This event is a great opportunity to experience Ibiza’s Old Town, World Heritage Site, to its maximum glory!

This year the Medieval Market will be held between the 11th and 14th of May. Hundreds and hundreds of visitors take part in this amazing experience each year, it has becomed an important and international date on our calendars.

The activities and events will take part thoughout the 10 areas appointed for the duration of the Market.
As always, kids will have their own zone where to play and learn about the Medieval times.

And, of course, there will be a free transport service up and down Dalt Vila, departing from Gesa, Multicines and Es Gorg up to Es Soto. On Thursday 11th the busses will be running from 6 to 11pm and the rest of the days from 10 am to 3pm & 5 to 11pm.


Inside-Out Retreat

Inside-Out Retreat

What would happen if there was no other possibility than to understand how your mind works?

Simple: the kind of coaching that helps you understand the world allowing you to spread out all your potential

“The most difficult problem in your life can disappear quickly” Juan José Quesada and Philippe Bartu offer programs based on the Three Principles

April 2017.- Any conflict that we experience may disappear from our lives and in a moment. The sadness because the death of a loved one, the frustration after a job dismissal or the loneliness of a break up. That is, coaches Juan José Quesada and Philippe Bartu’s proposal. Who, through their project ‘Simple’, offer the formula, not only to overcome the difficulties, but also for people to reach their maximum optimization point. The best version of themselves.

Do you want clarity to be able to make decisions? Work with flow and without stress? Finding your purpose in life? Quesada and Bartu’s individual coaching programs and group retreats open the door to a new understanding of life, based on the Three Principles of Sidney Banks.

The Three Principles

“The only thing that separates you from happiness is a thought,” says Sydney Banks, considered the father of the Three Principles (Mind, Thought and Consciousness). It is a model that describes how the psychology of our mind works, how we construct our lifes in harmony and, therefore, how we can transform ourselves to achieve fullness.

Paradoxically, they say, there is not much to do. But much to understand. Because the root of problems lie simply on our thoughts.

“What would happen if you stopped trying to find the solution?”, say Simple’s coaches. Their mission, they say, is “to deactivate one of the greatest misunderstandings of our times and to help people regain power, happiness and peace within themselves.” Think less, live longer and go further.

The benefits

A moment in a past retreat

“Philippe taught me how to dream big, have confidence in my own abilities and use them to create the life I want,” says one of his clients. “He’s shown me something that can not be learned from books,” says a business strategy leader. Among those who consult the coach are entrepreneurs or executives who have managed to change careers, learn to say no, improve their relationships or gain leadership in their company.

The Three Principles also broadened accountant director Vanesa Checa’s horizons. Through Juan José Quesada’s work and other dozens of people who give their testimony of how, after experiencing a retreat, they have dissolved the confusion and the stress and found peace. (More testimonials here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIk6a4cq6GY&t=53s)

“We all have everything we need  for having a full life: the power of transformation is in the customer,” says Quesada. “In the consultations, the retreats, we only create the best atmosphere for that transformation to take place: in one hand, we establish a direction in order to realize that 100% of our reality comes from our inside. And on the other hand, we create an adequate state of mind, without noise, from where new creative ideas will emerge allowing us to choose the best path in life.”

The coaches

Left to right: Philippe Bartu, Juan José Quesada

Philippe Bartu

After years leading projects in the restoration field, the stress left Philippe Bartu on the verge of collapse. He then began a training phase in workshops, coaching courses and leadership programs that led him to understand the true nature of human psychology. “The search finally ended one day and the feelings of peace, love and freedom emanated from the deepest part of me,” explains the coach.

In recent years he has helped countless entrepreneurs, professional athletes and executives discover how to be, in a natural way, in a state of mind that connects them with their innate capabilities of well-being, creativity, resilience, connection and understanding.

Juan José Quesada

Juanjo Quesada lived a difficult adolescence that was able to reorient years later: in his adulthood he worked in the technological industry, in projects for corporations such as Apple, Microsoft or SAP.

Years later, Juanjo would encounter another inflection point in his life. At a seminar in Oslo, the coach had a mystical experience that made him understand the nature of human mind. His life experience changed forever. And since then, he is dedicated to helping people get rid of their limiting thoughts and to realize their full potential.

Simple Next retreats: Ibiza – From 14 to 16 April & From 21 to 23 April

Ibiza & Rotterdam

Ibiza & Rotterdam

To Visit Ibiza also from Rotterdam!

As many of you may know, Ibiza counts with several companies that have started new routes from Ibiza direct to Holland, among which we have Rotterdam.

Rotterdam The Hague Airport has created a marketing campaign to promote Ibiza, and other destinations. In this occasion, Rotterdam The Hague Airport contacted To Visit Ibiza for some reccomendations, we are very pleased with the results and their confidence on us.

We also would love to thank those that managed to answer our request for information and pictures, despite the short time given. Thanks Sud Ibiza Suites and Las Dalias.

And of course, thanks to Rotterdam The Hague Airport. Happy summer 2007 to us all!

Spring & April

Spring has arrived to Ibiza, it’s a new month and, of course, this month also comes with many things to do in Ibiza.

To Visit Ibiza wants you, yes you locals and visitors to be up to date with all the things there are to do on our wonderful little paradise island, therefore we have a great calendar in which you can find all those things to do…

BUT! And now we are going to sound as one of those ads on TV, if you don’t see your event is because you didn’t tell us! Yeap! We are no fortune-teller and we only have so much hands!

So and because we love helping, if you want us to help you with the promotion, publishing on our web /social media or even helping you do it on yours, drop us a few lines on: info@tovisitibiza.com, we’ll get together to get to know each other and see how we can all be part it all!

Now go ahead, click on our calendar, check your things to do for the rest of the week and Enjoy!