A Stew with a Lot of Art and Fried ‘Pescadito’

A Stew with a Lot of Art and Fried ‘Pescadito’

+El Hotel Pacha wants to continue being everyone’s Hotel, following Pacha’s group trail which is known for continually giving service to all residents during the winter. The Hotel is preparing two artistic and gastronomic occasions where people can meet up during the winter.

Every Tuesday at noon, the award-winning chef Iñigo Rodríguez with the jerezano based in Ibiza, artist Willie Márquez will be presenting a typical “spoon” dish from southern Spain, so you can also enjoy a small sample of art and especially the company of many friends and a good atmosphere.

And every Thursday afternoon the fun of the fair feeling will be recreated with an assortment of fried fish with ‘rebujito’ and good music offered by DJ Hector Rey.

To launch this activity, on Tuesday 8th, dancer Amparo Niño brings us typical, southern recipes along with her good friend, the artist Willie Marquez, offering a moment of joy and good humour, while the artist will present a small sample of plastic art.

Then on Thursday 10th, we will have a special performance by Pepe Habichuela, considered the last great, pure flamenco guitarist, whose artistic outpouring will provide this inaugural winter night with a touch of art and humour.


Guiso con Mucho Arte y Pescadito frito

El Hotel Pacha quiere seguir siendo el Hotel de todos, continuando la estela del grupo Pacha que se ha caracterizado por seguir dando servicio en invierno a todos los residentes. El Hotel prepara dos ocasiones artístico-gastronómica donde encontrarse durante el invierno.

Todos los martes a medio día, el galardonado chef Iñigo Rodríguez junto al artista jerezano afincado en Ibiza Willie Márquez presentarán un plato de cuchara típico del sur de España donde poder disfrutar además de una pequeña muestra de arte y sobretodo de muchos amigos y buen ambiente. Y todos los jueves por la tarde se recreará el ambiente de feria con un surtido de pescadito frito con rebujito y buena música de la mano del DJ Héctor Rey.

Para inaugurar esta actividad, el martes 8 la bailaora Amparo Niño nos acerca las recetas típicas del sur junto a su buen amigo el artista Willie Márquez y ofrecerá un rato de alegría y buen humor, a la vez que el artista presentará una pequeña muestra de arte plástico.

Seguidamente el jueves 10 contaremos con una actuación especial del considerado último gran guitarrista de flamenco puro, Pepe Habichuela, que con su derroche de arte y buen humor dará un toque de arte a esta noche inaugural de invierno.


Guisat amb Molt Art i Peixet Fregit

El Hotel Pacha vol seguir sent l’Hotel de tots, continuant l’estela del grup Pacha que s’ha caracteritzat per seguir donant servei a l’hivern a tots els residents. L’Hotel prepara dues ocasions artístic-gastronòmica on trobar-se durant l’hivern.

Tots els dimarts a mig dia, el guardonat xef Iñigo Rodríguez junt amb l’artista de Jerez establert a Eivissa Willie Márquez presentaran un plat de cullera típic del sud d’Espanya on poder gaudir a més d’una petita mostra d’art i sobretot de molts amics i bon ambient. I tots els dijous a la tarda es recrearà l’ambient de fira amb un assortiment de peixet fregit amb rebujito i bona música de la mà del DJ Héctor Rei.

Per inaugurar aquesta activitat, el dimarts 8 la bailaora Amparo Niño ens acosta les receptes típiques del sud juntament del seu bon amic l’artista Willie Márquez i oferirà una estona d’alegria i bon humor, alhora que l’artista presentarà una petita mostra d’art plàstic.

Seguidament el dijous 10 comptarem amb una actuació especial del considerat últim gran guitarrista de flamenc pur, Pepe Habichuela, que amb la seva efusió d’art i bon humor donarà un toc d’art a aquesta nit inaugural d’hivern.

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Autumn Food Festival

Autumn Food Festival

40 restaurants are taking part in this autumn’s #IbizaSabor16 gastronomic festival.
The Ibiza Tourist Board and PIMEEF are the organisers of this gastronomic festival, which will be highlighting the island’s cuisine and flavours.
The festival will take place from October 15 to November 30

All the info about the routes and restaurants participating on our Top Event section

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Food Touring Ibiza’s Streets!

Food Touring Ibiza’s Streets!

What a better way to discover more about Ibiza and its daly life than with a food tour! Care to join us on this adventure?

1st Stop – Sailors Statue

From the very beginning you start discovering amazing places. The meeting point is our first stop. We meet our guide for the afternoon, Erik, who happens to be a chef so, what else can you ask for?!

2nd Stop – Peixet

We walk along the harbour to our next stop, Peixet where we get to taste five different types of coffee the way spaniards take it.

                       Peixet1    Peixet2

From top to bottom, left to right: Café con Leche, coffee and milk; Bombón, an espresso with condensed milk; Solo, an espresso; Café con leche de soja, coffee with soya milk (special for people like me who can’t have normal milk); Cortado, an espresso with a dash of milk. On the right side of the picture you can also see a liquor, it’s Brandy and you pour a bit in your Solo, that is called ‘Carajillo’. And, the famous Ensaimada (the name comes from comes the arab word ‘saïm’ which means fat) which is originally from Mallorca, but been produced in Ibiza for some time now. This one in particular, is stuffed with ‘Angel Hair’, a pumpkin jam.

During most part of the walk we go through some of Ibiza’s best streets. Walk with us!

                         Ibiza Town1    Ibiza Town2

                            Carrer de Mar                                                                                     Plaça de Sa Font

3rd Stop – Poma

This tour it is not just to taste Ibicenco food, but also to discover other Spanish traditional food. Poma is an Asturiano, a place with a great range of tapas. Sitting at the terrace and not far from the Old Town’s Wall we experience Asturias’ traditional drink, cider and some home made croquettes with chorizo.

                         Poma1     Poma2

The ‘sidra’ in Asturias is different, it is made of fermented apple juce and  it is not carbonated. So to get that ‘bubbly’ effect they pour it from above and just a shot that you are supposed to drink straight away!

4th Stop – Vadell

Vadell is one of Ibiza’s oldest bakeries, founded in 1923 still elaborates many of its traditional sweets and some of them, like ensaimadas, are still produced by hand. We try the ‘Madalenas Ibicencas’ a different kind of cupcake which main ingredient is almonds and the more known ‘Flaò’, a cheesecake with mint and anise.

                         Vadell2    Vadell3


5th Stop – Moniberic

In this occasion we have the opportunity to taste three different types of Serrano Ham, precede by a very interesting explanation of the difference between them. We also get to taste three different kind of cheese, one of them produced on the island.

                         Moniberic1    Moniberic2

6th Stop – Queriendo-te, Tea Room

Felix is the owner of this one of a kind spot in the middle of everything, near to Vara de Rey, Queriendote-te (a word game meaning two things, loving you or wanting tea) takes you in time to Wonderland. We try a herbal tea, a mixed of several herbs very much like the famous liquor ‘Hierbas’. Accompained by two types of ‘turrón’.

                                                  Queriendo-te1    Queriendo-te2

7th Stop – Vila Vins

After a short break to relax and digest all we have had up until now, we leave the tea room to do some wine and liquor tasting in Vila Vins. Right at the top end of Vara de Rey, near the book shop, you find this heaven of wine and spirits. We get to taste a rosé and a red wine from Ibiza plus three liquors, ‘Es Broll’ a liquor made of carob bean, Frigola made mainly of anise and Hierbas which is a mix of many herbs.

                         VilaVins2    VilaVins3

                                                                                                                                           ‘Es Broll’

8th Stop – Can Terra

Can Terra is a ‘Pintxos’ restaurant. ‘Pintxos’ are traditional from Noth of Spain. Can Terra is located on Ignacio Wallis, one of Ibiza’s main streets. The way it works is, you take a plate and the pintxos you fancy, they all have a long toothpick, those you have to keep as that is how they will know how much to charge you. If you are lucky to get a table someone will take your drinks order if not you will have to order at the bar and eat and drink standing, which it is very common and, almost, a tradition back in the North, so if you want to be able to sit, make sure you get there with time.


On the way up to Dalt Vila for our final stop and an Ice Cream we walked through Carrer de la Santa Creu and Plaça de la Vila, this last one with a great range of restaurants and a lively atmosphere.

                         Ibiza Town3    Ibiza Town5

9th Stop – Il Punto Gelato

And last, but not least, a home made ice cream! Many different flavours and you can even have a vegan ice cream, which reminds me, do inform Ibiza Food Tours about any of your food alergies as they will take care of it as much as possible as they did with us. So, enjoy!!

                                                                           Il Punto Gelato

Many thanks to Erik, our guide and to Ibiza Food Tours for a great evening and experience, also thank you to my tour companions, have a great holiday on Ibiza and hope to see you soon on another excursion!


Morning tours every Wednesday & Friday

Afternoon tours every Thursday & Saturday

Argentinian ‘Asado’ – At Cosmos Grand Hostal

Argentinian ‘Asado’ – At Cosmos Grand Hostal

Every Saturday, from 8pm, Cosmos Grand Hostal’s restaurant, near Es Codolar, welcomes you all under a great and cool ‘tango’ atmosphere to enjoy an authentic argentinian grill menu by 4Souls Ibiza. The cooks are argentinian themselves, so what a better way to taste the real deal!

More info Cosmos Grand Hostal’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/CosmosIbiza/

Hostal Cosmos

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Eat, walk, learn

Discover Walking Ibiza’s new project – launching Friday 10th of June!

Get to enjoy Ibiza and its finest food by going on a guided walk-food tour!

Join the tours and walk around the city visiting unique places, the local market and try typical food, such as, tapas, wine and the famous jamón!

Ibiza Food Tours |
A walking tour around the city visiting unique places to try food typical to Ibiza and Spain., including tapas, wine, the famous jamon visiting the local market and much more. Ibiza has a fascinating history with food, influenced by the many cultures over 1000`s of years and on our tours you …

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