Dia de Sant Bartomeu

Saint Bartholomew is San Antonio’s Patron and the town celebrates it with many different activites. They start their celebrations in mid August, but the big day is the 24th.
This year you can start pretty early for the ‘mascletá’ (huge letting off of fire crackers) at 8 am at ‘Plaza de España’.
9 am: chocolate drink for earlybirds!
10.30 am: for the little ones, Piruleto (one of Ibiza’s clowns) will have a party.
9 pm: Sevillanas performance by the group ‘ Sentimiento Rociero’ and dance show by Sara Lorente’s dance studio girls at Ribiera Quay’s marquee.
9.30 pm: Typical Ibicenco dance at the Fauntains Promenade
10 pm: ‘Ho Femme Fatale’s’ concert
10.45 pm: ‘Pasacalles y Correfuegos’ (musical parade and people running with flares)
12 am: Fireworks (one of the best ones on the island)
12.30 am: Let the party go on!!

For more Info (Spanish/Catalan version only): http://buff.ly/1JrpJZS

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