Flamenco Nights at Destino Ibiza

Flamenco is one of Spain’s wonders! It’s an art full of passion, inspiration and energy. It combines singing with dancing an what flamenco’s call ‘el toque’, which is nothing else, but the particular way of playing the guitar.

This summer Destino Ibiza is offering the possibility, to many visitiors, to experience this fine art. A great night out at a great venue under the ibicenco sky!

Monday 15th of August will be one of the first special Flamenco nights with some of the best artists on the scene.

The Programme

From 9pm dinner À la Carte ‘Modest’

9.30 pm – Special visuals by Rob Loren over Willie Márquez’s writing and Flamenco Shadows

10 pm to midnight

Flamenco Show – 1st part

Fashion Show by Fernando Link

Flamenco Show – 2nd part 

Josemi Carmona ‘Habichuela’ & Friends
Guest: Saúl Quirós – ‘The Voice Spain’
Cuadro Flamenco: Luís Amador – Percussion
Nino de Reyes – Dance
Rafita de Madrid – Singing
Triana Maciel – Dance

The Artists

Josemi Carmona ‘Habichuela’ Guitar


He was born in Madrid in 1971. Guitarist and composer. Son of guitarist Pepe Habichuela and dancer Amparo Niño, had the art from the cradle.

Josemi learned to speak and to play practically at once. When he was only three years old he grabbed for the first time a guitar, with nine he played debut on stage at the Café Silverio, with twelve played in the World Guitar Festival on the island of Martinique, he joined with his father the show Flamenco Puro in the United States where they participated very important flamenco artists such as Farruco, Fernanda de Utrera, Güito and Chocolate among others.

At the age of fourteen he joined Ketama, filling the gap left by Ray Heredia. Ketama’s history is already part of Spain’s music history.

Alongside his career with Ketama, Josemi Carmona has continued to collaborate in many albums (Paco de Lucia, Miguel Bosé, Rosario, Alejandro Sanz, Nitin Sawhney, Jorge Pardo etc.) and has produced albums for Niña Pastoria, La Barbería del Sur, etc.

Along with Carlos Benavent he has published “Sumando”, bassists and guitarist together in a unique fusion of sounds. Turning to his next job “las pequeñas cosas” with collaborations with Paco de Lucia, Manuel Carrasco, Jorge Drexler and others.

Recently, has just presented his latest work “De Cerca” with Javier Colina.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JosemiCarmona/
Web: http://www.josemicarmona.com/

Saúl Quirós Singing


Innate talent for singing, begins at age 5 with his father, Adolfo “El Segoviano” also singer. With his professional debut nine years participating as a singer in the album of Joan Manuel Serrat, Utopia. Later he joined the group of flamenco-fusion Karma to finally choose the purest Flamenco as his form of artistic expression.

He has worked in companies of great figures of flamenco dancing as “Güito”, “Manolete”, Merche Esmeralda and Cristobal Reyes. Participates in 1,999 Flamenco Summit, and from that year, he joins in the company of dancer Sara Baras with who he continued working until 2013. In this company he has written the lyrics to works like Sueños, Savores, Juana la loca and Carmen.

He has toured five continents and sung in the best theatres in the world as the Royal Albert Hall in London, Teatro Real in Madrid, Liceo de Barcelona, Maestranza in Seville, Champs Elysses in Paris, the Bunka Kaikan in Tokyo and the Opera of Sydney in Australia, among others. He participated in Tomatito’s disc, ‘Soy Flamenco’, with a Paco de Lucia’s production and accompanying the choirs to Camaron de la Isla.

He has also done numerous collaborations with music producer Javier Lemon.

He became known to the general public for his participation in the program ‘The Voice Spain’ in Telecinco.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/saul.quiros.14?pnref=story

Nino de los Reyes Dance


He began his professional career whith director Paco Suarez in the show “Campanas Flamencas” side by side great names of flamenco dancing like La Tati, Milagros Menjibar, Joaquín Grilo, Antonio Reyes and Isaac of Kings. With this show, Nino de los Reyes, visits world-renowned theaters as the “Sadler’s Wells” in London and the “Opera House” Sydney.

He is required to join the cast of dancers for some of the most significant Spanish Flamenco companies such as the Company Eduardo Güito Serrano, Carmen Cortés, Javier Barón and Tito Losada among others. As a guest artist he has collaborated in concerts by major Flamenco artists among which are: Pepe Habichuela, Josemi Carmona, Guadiana, Package, Jerome, Miguel Rubio, Jesus del Rosario, Camarón de pitita, Ramon el Portugués.

He has also participated in shows of great quality and international impact as the “Romancero Gitano” by Paco Suarez, “Vertiges” by Tony Gatlif and “La Celestina” by Gerardo Vera.

Despite his youth, Nino de los Reyes already has 3 shows of his own: “Flamenco Esencia” premiered in Spain, Greece and Japan. “Hombres Flamencos” with his brother Isaac de los Reyes and Alfonso Losa, represented at Boston Cyclorama in the United States and “Origen” presented at the Flamenco Festival of Chateauvallon (France) and the Festival Suma Flamenca 2010 (Madrid). “Flamenco si más” premiered in Rialto Ethnic World Music Festival (Cyprus) and “Inside” premiered in Madrid in the room off la Latina artists such as Juan Jose Suarez “paquete”, Alain Pérez and David de Jacoba.

Web: http://ninodelosreyes.es

Luis Amador Percussion


Born in Seville in ’82, son of Rafael Amador, component of group “Pata Negra”, began his career as a percussionist, accompanying the group “Pata Negra” at the age of 10 and later playing the drums at the age of 15.

At 17 becomes Diego Amador’s percussionist accompanying him on numerous live concerts, as well as in the recording of his albums: Piano jondo and Río de los Canasteros.

In addition he has accompanied great figures of flamenco as Fernando Terremoto, Diego del Morao, Raimundo Amador, Juan Jose Amador, Diego Carrasco, Tomatito, Echegaray, la Susi, Jesus “el Bola”, Juan Carmona, Fernandez family, Palbo Ruben Maldonado, Manuel Parrilla, la “Macanita”, Josemi Carmona, Farruquito, Farru, Joaquin Cortes, Rafael Amargo, Aurora Losada, Amador Rojas, Maria Toledo and many more.

As a contemporary musician has jumped the barriers of flamenco accompanying musicians of diverse musical sources such as Chick Korea, Michel Portal, Jovino Santos Neto, Adam Rapa, Dave Holland, Jaco Abel, Guillermo McGill, Javier Colina, Carles Benavent, Jerry Gonzalez, Jorge Pardo, Israel Varela, Hiram Bullock, etc.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amadorpatanegra

Rafita de Madrid Singing


Rafael Jimenez Jimenez artistically known as “Rafita de Madrid”, born within a family of highly recognized artists in the flamenc panorama, does it in Madrid in 1981. Always surrounded by music since childhood he has a passion for it, especially Flamenco, very soon becoming his life. Although, he is interested in all that refers to flamenco, keen on different instruments from a very young age, soon opts for singing.

In 1997 starts working in the main flamenco tablaos of Madrid, where he begins to take shape as a singer. Throughout his career he has shared the stage with artists like Pepe Habichuela, Raimundo Amador, Jorge Pardo, Javier Colina, Jerry Gonzalez, Jose Suarez “Paquete”, Josemi Carmona, Potito, Concha Buika, Amos Lora… many of which he also shared recording studio in different collaborations.

In 2008 he decides to go into the recording studio with Juan José Suárez “Paquete” as a music producer and accompanied by great musicians, despite this project never sees the light his music, somehow, reaches the public.

The National Ballet of Spain has him as a guest on the show “Leyenda”.

Artist with one of the most personal voices of the current scene and Flamenco composer of his own lyrics, is now a recognized ‘Cantaor’, and one of the leaders of the new flamenco either as a main artist.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rafitademadridoficial/

Triana Maciel Dance


Born in Mexico in ’94, artistic director, teacher and above all dancer and ‘bailaora’.

Merit awarded as Best Young Promise in dance in Jalisco, first prize in National Meeting of schools in Queretaro, winner of first Flamenco dance contest in the Tablao “Villa Rosa” of Madrid and second award in “Las Carboneras” consecrate her as one of the greatest in the world of dance in recent years.

With the show “Huellas Flamencas” during 2016, with Mexican and invited by Spain artists, such as Nino de los Reyes, Antonio Sanchez and Ismael Fernandez begins in the world of management.

She’s been part of the company José Porcel, alone for Clara Ramona in “Carmen”, part of the cast in “Flamenco sin más” with artists like Enrique “El Piculabe” Anonio Sánches and David de Jacoba, joins the cast in the prestigious festival of Gorvio, solo on “Promesa Flamenca” with the Cristian ‘el Turco’ and José Carmona Rapico.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/triana.macielprats