‘Ibiza Head to Toes’ – Exhibition

Sunday 18th December, from 6 to 9pm – Cas Costas

Cas Costas hosts for the first time an exhibition since the new owners took possession of this emblematic place of the island. The exhibition of the photographer Giuseppe Concas is unveiled as a permanent point of sale of his photographs on the island.

Giuseppe Concas was born in Sardinia and for 18 years he made contact with the island of Ibiza and made with its people quickly. Photography has been a part since his childhood and accompanies him in a self-taught way, he says that: “Photography allows me to capture a moment and relive it past time, it is also an escape route where I take refuge and see reality from another approach”. Lights and shadows, day and night, color and black and white are represented in the work of this artist.

This exhibition is dedicated to the Pagés dance and to the Ibizan customs. From a respectful vision towards the customs that the artist has made of his own, with this heartfelt homage he expresses his gratitude for a different way of seeing the island and its people.

The photographs that have been taken spontaneously in different cultural acts, are presented in large and medium format in color or black and white according to the inspiration of the artist, always with natural light and without any type of photo retouching.

It is no coincidence that 18 works are presented, on the 18th at 18.00hrs, as a reminder of his 18 years on the island. He also wants with this exhibition to pay homage to Esperanza Marí Serra de Cas Costas on her saints day, Ball Pagés promoter on the Island.

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