Ibiza Jazz The Experience – The Documentary

Six musicians, five cities and one festival!


‘The Eivissa Jazz Experience is an ephemeral group, created with the unique intention of dying after a single performance.’


Documentary director and professional photographer Marco Torres Walker, has been taking pictures of the Eivissa Jazz Festival ever since year 2000. As a result of this work and great collection of pictures was the edition of the book ‘Eivissa Jazz. 25 anys” which was accompanied by a compilation CD of several themes from different editions of the festival.

During the edition of the book he discovered a very interesting detail about the Eivissa Jazz Experience, that nearly every time, the musicians had never played together.

And the questions started arising. ‘How do they do it? What does it take to achieve that ability and security? Do they always get it right? What happens when things do not work correctly? How do they experience it? Do they have doubts?’

So this are the grounds on which this festival stands triying to answer those questions. It is also a perfect opportunity to bring Jazz closer to the general public in an place like Ibiza, famous mainly for its electronic music.


The filming started this May and is due to finish in September with the festival. Marco has gathered a team of professionals from different backgrouds such as TV, video, photography, sound and others. This is a team that has been working together in many different projects like shorts films or comercials which have been distinguished and recognized in film festivals like Cannes or Sitges.

‘Santiago de Compostela, San Sebastián, Barcelona, Sanxenxo and Ibiza, the cities of the members of the Experience 2016’

Abe Rábade    GonzaloTejada    David Xirgu
ABE RÁBADE (PIANO)                                         GONZALO TEJADA (BASS)                                 DAVID XIRGU (DRUMS)

Virxilio Da Silva    Vicent Macian    Pere Navarro

VIRXILIO DA SILVA (GUITAR)                             VICENT MACIAN  (TENOR SAX)                        PERE NAVARRO (TRUMPET)

All the information about this amazing project can be found on their website, take a look as there is so much more to learn about this unique ‘Experience’!


The Jazz Festival 2016 will take place in its usual scenario, the bastion of Santa Lucia and the Old Market, between the 7th and 10th September. Follow our Blog for the latest information on the Festival.

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