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What would happen if there was no other possibility than to understand how your mind works?

Simple: the kind of coaching that helps you understand the world allowing you to spread out all your potential

“The most difficult problem in your life can disappear quickly” Juan José Quesada and Philippe Bartu offer programs based on the Three Principles

April 2017.- Any conflict that we experience may disappear from our lives and in a moment. The sadness because the death of a loved one, the frustration after a job dismissal or the loneliness of a break up. That is, coaches Juan José Quesada and Philippe Bartu’s proposal. Who, through their project ‘Simple’, offer the formula, not only to overcome the difficulties, but also for people to reach their maximum optimization point. The best version of themselves.

Do you want clarity to be able to make decisions? Work with flow and without stress? Finding your purpose in life? Quesada and Bartu’s individual coaching programs and group retreats open the door to a new understanding of life, based on the Three Principles of Sidney Banks.

The Three Principles

“The only thing that separates you from happiness is a thought,” says Sydney Banks, considered the father of the Three Principles (Mind, Thought and Consciousness). It is a model that describes how the psychology of our mind works, how we construct our lifes in harmony and, therefore, how we can transform ourselves to achieve fullness.

Paradoxically, they say, there is not much to do. But much to understand. Because the root of problems lie simply on our thoughts.

“What would happen if you stopped trying to find the solution?”, say Simple’s coaches. Their mission, they say, is “to deactivate one of the greatest misunderstandings of our times and to help people regain power, happiness and peace within themselves.” Think less, live longer and go further.

The benefits

A moment in a past retreat

“Philippe taught me how to dream big, have confidence in my own abilities and use them to create the life I want,” says one of his clients. “He’s shown me something that can not be learned from books,” says a business strategy leader. Among those who consult the coach are entrepreneurs or executives who have managed to change careers, learn to say no, improve their relationships or gain leadership in their company.

The Three Principles also broadened accountant director Vanesa Checa’s horizons. Through Juan José Quesada’s work and other dozens of people who give their testimony of how, after experiencing a retreat, they have dissolved the confusion and the stress and found peace. (More testimonials here:

“We all have everything we need  for having a full life: the power of transformation is in the customer,” says Quesada. “In the consultations, the retreats, we only create the best atmosphere for that transformation to take place: in one hand, we establish a direction in order to realize that 100% of our reality comes from our inside. And on the other hand, we create an adequate state of mind, without noise, from where new creative ideas will emerge allowing us to choose the best path in life.”

The coaches

Left to right: Philippe Bartu, Juan José Quesada

Philippe Bartu

After years leading projects in the restoration field, the stress left Philippe Bartu on the verge of collapse. He then began a training phase in workshops, coaching courses and leadership programs that led him to understand the true nature of human psychology. “The search finally ended one day and the feelings of peace, love and freedom emanated from the deepest part of me,” explains the coach.

In recent years he has helped countless entrepreneurs, professional athletes and executives discover how to be, in a natural way, in a state of mind that connects them with their innate capabilities of well-being, creativity, resilience, connection and understanding.

Juan José Quesada

Juanjo Quesada lived a difficult adolescence that was able to reorient years later: in his adulthood he worked in the technological industry, in projects for corporations such as Apple, Microsoft or SAP.

Years later, Juanjo would encounter another inflection point in his life. At a seminar in Oslo, the coach had a mystical experience that made him understand the nature of human mind. His life experience changed forever. And since then, he is dedicated to helping people get rid of their limiting thoughts and to realize their full potential.

Simple Next retreats: Ibiza – From 14 to 16 April & From 21 to 23 April

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