‘Plazas’ & Teatro Pereyra

‘Plaza del Parque’. Since 1946 and after some renovations, it’s one of the most iconic squares in Ibiza. In the past was used as a bollard area for the horses or carriages. Now it’s a great place to meet up, after a shopping day in the nearby shops, for drinks, to relax under its great trees shade or to enjoy the atmosphere of the different terraces.

Here you can find Ibiza’s peculiar ‘Walk of Fame’, a tribute to the city’s most distinguished citizens.

Leading one of the park’s corners we have Hostal el Parque, a high quality hostel in the centre of Ibiza with a nice terrace and opened all year around.

Bars like Madagascar or Vila Café, that stay opened all through the year, are a great place to chill out in winter and even enjoy the rain under it’s heaters with a nice drink or Café Vila’s famous waffles.


‘Teatro Pereyra’. Constructed in 1898 was the first theatre in Ibiza. Declared Well of Cultural Interest in 2001. Keester Bruggen & Eric-Jan Harmsen arrived in Ibiza in 1985, they have three children. In 1987 they discovered Teatro Pereyra and after a long a expensive restoration, Eric and Kees opened the Café Concierto Teatro Pereyra, it was the 8th of August 1988. Still today is one of Ibiza’s most important venues with Live music concerts every day in a unique setting all year round.


‘Vara de Rey’. Like in any other spanish city Ibiza also has a main square, normaly named ‘Plaza España’ or ‘Plaza Mayor’. But, in this case, it’s a tribute to the heroic Ibicenco General Joaquin Vara de Rey y Rubio. He was born in Ibiza’s Castle and died in the battle of’ ‘El Caney’, during Cuba’s Independence War in 1898. The statue, in the centre, was erected in 1904 with the help of  the spanish people and it represents the General on a vantage point.
Surrounding the square you have many restaurants an one of the city’s shopping area, in fact, one that counts with some of the most excluisve shops. You can also enjoy the greatest architecture, as all the houses are from the Colonial era. One of its greatest buildings is Hotel Montesol, it used to be a hotel but it is closed now. Lukely and because beeing a Well of Cultural Interest it can only be a hotel, for what we know its future is certain.
You have other accommodation options nearby with a hight range of prices. Vara de Rey Guest House, facing the square, nearby you have Hostal & Apartments Ripoll Ibiza, Hostal Juanita, Hostal Ibiza.