Sant Antoni

For two thousand years, Sant Antoni was a small fishing village that rose from the Roman natural harbor Portus Magnus, now is one of the most famous and visited towns by many different kind of tourism. Sant Antoni does have many things to do which don’t just envolve partying. Sant Antoni is the ideal area for the best sunset you will ever see and it’s a great place to practice may different water sports and where loads of boat excursions depart from.

Presiding one of the entries to Sant Antoni you will see a big egg in the middle of a roundabout, that’s when you’ll know you are in Sant Antoni. The egg has also got a model of Santa Maria’s ship. This egg is a statue erected in the early 1990s to commemorate the local claim of having been the birthplace of Christopher Columbus.

Further on you get to ‘Passeig de Ses Fonts’, part of Sant Antoni’s harbourside promenade, it is an area which was developed in the early 1990s to improve the appearance of the town. Its massive fountains take the centre of the promenade, they are illuminated at night. Surrounding the square you have many different kind of restaurants and cafes offering a view over Sant Antoni Bay, during summer evenings they install a Hippy Market. It is also the best place from which to watch the massive fireworks display which celebrates the fiesta of Sant Bartholome on 24 August, one of the biggest celebrations on the island and not to be missed.


Located at the beginning of the bay of Sant Antoni you have ‘Port des Torrent’, this beatiful sand spot has been given its name because it’s generated in the mouth of a torrent, the island’s largest natural port, a great touristic resort where you’ll find all kind of activities to do, hotels to stay at and restauranst with great food to try.