Sant Llorenç

The ancient village of Sant Llorenς de Balafia, is often just known by the name Balàfia and it offers a very good sample of Eivissan traditional architecture. The name comes from a time past when this was a Moorish village. The oldest part of the village consists of seven houses which includes two refuge towers and two ‘trulls’ (Olive Oil Press). Bedore arriving to the group of houses you can see an old well. The original builders believed in strength through numbers as shown by the way this settlement was built, with the dwellings in close proximity to each other. The seven houses are strung out along a gently sloping ridge running north to south.

There is a bar in the village, a mediterranean home made food restaurant, La Paloma and also a park with a picnic spot next to the church. Nearby you can also find ‘Es Amunts’ intrpretation centre and some of the best local food restaurants, such as Ca na Pepeta os Es Pins.