Botafoch’s Lighthouse

In 1859 they started working on the new Botafoch or Botafoc’s lighthouse, this stands on the small island with the same name. The lighthouse started working in 1861, it has the peculiarity of being one of the fewest buildings with a two story home for the lighthouse keepers. In 1918 was one of the first to work electrically.

It’s been said that the name of Botafoch could be originated on the meaning of the word in catalan, ‘bota-foc’ can be translated to something like ‘bounce-fire’.

Until 1977, there was only one lighthouse keeper, but nowadays there are two technitians due to the increase of traffic in and out the island. Although the men in charge of Botafoch’s lighthouse are also in charche of many others. The building is still in great conditions and keeps its original shape.

In 2013 the new dock was open to the ferries and big cruise ships, they where no longer to moor in front of Ibiza town, which it’s now being used for luxurious yachts of logher lenght. The new dock is where you will embark or disembark when arriving from Mallorca or the mainland by boat.

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