‘Sa Garrova’ 1st Edition

It’s a popular race that will take place in Sant Agustí des Vedrá on the 20th September and it’s organised by Sant Agustí’s neighborhood association with the intention of promoting the sport wihtin the families.


1.- Anybody can participate as long as they match the age criteria for each category.

2.- The technical control will be fulfilled by the judges’ provincial committee of the Athletics Federation, with the athletes obligation to respect their rules, as well as the ones from the organisation and the authorities.

3.- Timetable & distances:

10,30 h. baby, 50 metres
10,35 h. Initiation, 200 metres
10.45 h. Under 10s, 450 metres
10,55 h. Under 11s, 900 metres
11,05 h. Under 13s, 1350 metres
11,15 h. Cadet 1800 metres
11.30 h. Rest of categories 5500 metres

4.- Categories, birth year & distances:

Baby (2010-2011-2012)
Initiation (2008-2009)
Under 10s (2006-2007)
Under 11s (2004-2005)
Under 13s (2002-2003)
Cadets (2000-2001)
Juvenil (1998-1999)
Junior (1996-1997)
Promesa/Senior Veterans A Veterans B Veterans C

5.- Inscriptions & numbers:

You can do it until Friday 18th September

Subscriptions: www.Elitechip.net. Chip system timing

The participants from Junior Category will have to pay a subscription fee of 5+3E for the chip (if do not have a yellow chip). 40% of the subscriptions go to APNEEF Association (http://www.apneef.org/en)

If neaded, the organisation can ask for age certification.

6.- The circuit’s itinerary goes through roads and paths, starting and finishing in Sant Agustí

7.- The organisation isn’t responsible for any moral or material damage/harm that athletes may suffer, before, during or after the race. In any case, though, all necesary measures will be taken in orther to provide the participants with the best experience, therefore, an ambulance, insurance and assistance wil be provide.

8.- Prizes. The organisation will present awards to the 3 first classified for each category male & female.

9.- The inscription means you accepts this rules

10.- The organisation, in case of doubt, reserves the right of interpretation of this rules.

11.- The popular and sporting spirits are, in which, this project is based. The participant who demonstrates an unsporting or antisocial behaviour will be disqualified and excluded from the competition by the organisation.

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