Spring & April

Spring has arrived to Ibiza, it’s a new month and, of course, this month also comes with many things to do in Ibiza.

To Visit Ibiza wants you, yes you locals and visitors to be up to date with all the things there are to do on our wonderful little paradise island, therefore we have a great calendar in which you can find all those things to do…

BUT! And now we are going to sound as one of those ads on TV, if you don’t see your event is because you didn’t tell us! Yeap! We are no fortune-teller and we only have so much hands!

So and because we love helping, if you want us to help you with the promotion, publishing on our web /social media or even helping you do it on yours, drop us a few lines on: info@tovisitibiza.com, we’ll get together to get to know each other and see how we can all be part it all!

Now go ahead, click on our calendar, check your things to do for the rest of the week and Enjoy!

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