Things To Do

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To Visit Ibiza would like visitors to discover what lies beyond the expected sunny beaches and hype discos. For those of you who are eager to grasp the true essence of the island, these are just a handful of ideas to find out what’s going on on the island and enjoy it to its full all year round.

Ibiza boasts a long list of attractions such as a cultural, artistic and archeological heritage. The walled town in the capital is a world heritage site and its narrow alleys the perfect choice for a stroll. The cathedral and castle are not to be missed either. You can soak into the medieval atmosphere by popping into the various museums, or joining the dramatised guided walks around the old town and the main mediterranean necropolis, Puig des Molins.

The number of things to do on the island increases every year and To Visit Ibiza aims at keeping you posted of what’s going on in our events section. There’s for all tastes. i.e. films, theatre, literature and music. The latter not only meaning EDM but also to pop, rock, jazz, etc. The island is a great inspiration for many and that is proven by the several art galleries that are located around its 571 km2.

The natural landscapes, the unpolluted air, the traditional architecture and the unparalleled light make the island a privileged place. Arguably, its main charm is the sea. The clear waters that surround the island open up an endless number of possibilities for visitors, among which snorkelling and kayaking stand out. For those more daring, surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing await.

If you don’t want to miss the most beautiful hidden spots you should check out our Treks section. Besides the many trekking and cycling routes, we encourage visitors to explore the island by sea and air. Travelling by boat or yacht will hold up to view the most hidden coves of the Pityusic Islands, and if you aren’t scared of heights a hot air balloon trip will provide the most magnificent views over paradise.

Are you a bit of a daredevil? Then To Visit Ibiza offers you the opportunity to book the perfect holiday including rock-climbing, parasailing and fly-boarding. And if the day is cloudy and you dig playing detectives, why not giving a escape-room game a try?

After all the hustle and bustle, you might be hungry, and traditional Ibicenco gastronomy is very tempting. To discover it, you can book a tour around different restaurants in the capital through our site. More and more world-renowned chefs are setting up a restaurant on the island every year which makes the offer wider.

As you probably noticed, there’s much to do on the island and little time, so you’d better start to plan your trip right now!