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How can To Visit Ibiza help? We’ll help you with your first steps, all the information on how to get to and around the island, the easiest, most confortable & affordable way possible. Check all our tips, ideas and suggestions!


Why to visit Ibiza if it’s ‘The Party’ Island and we are not into party that much anymore? Ibiza or Eivissa in Catalán (local language) used to be a paradise, where hippies were able to live a life style of their own with no judgemental thoughts from anyone, neither the locals. Ibicencos are very respectful people and open minded, it is true that sometimes they can seem a bit too unconcerned, but those of us that remember our island how it looked like 20 years ago we understand that tourism is our business but we want things to go a little bit back to what they were. And that is where people came for its nature, typical food and traditions, for its weather but mainly because people in Ibiza can be who they really are without forgetting respect and love for others and, of course, nature.


Here you have all the answers to your questions as a first time visitor but also for those of you who already know Ibiza you can discover new things to do and visit that you probably never thought to do in such a small place. We want people to visit the ‘Real Ibiza’, as we believe that there is so much more to do and show that just the night life.


You can visit Ibiza any time in the year, in fact, if you really want to experience it fully then you must visit it also in the winter, spring or autumn. You’ll discover a different vibe, color and life style each month of the year. Obviously summer is the best time because that is when Ibiza is fully awake! The warmest months are from May to October although our recommendation is May to end of June and September to October in order to avoid the hottest months (believe us, it can be very hard to get through the day!) and to avoid the mass.
You can follow our What’s On section in order to decide when is the best time for you To Visit Ibiza!


You can get to Ibiza by plane or boat. If you are travelling around Spain or Europe on your way to Ibiza and in the summer, you might find the boat option cheaper and as a last minute option. You have two companies, Balearia which works all year around and Acciona/Transmediterranea which operates only during the summer. Acciona/Transmediterranea can be the cheapest option although has less boats a day. With Balearia you can get to Ibiza from mainland via Barcelona, Denia and Valencia, with Acciona/Transmediterranea you can get via Barcelona and Valencia.
During summer season you can fly to Ibiza from pretty much any European city. To fly direct into Ibiza from mainland you have, Air Europa from Barcelona and Madrid, from this summer (2015) you can also fly to the other Balearic Islands with them; Air Nostrum from Alicante, Madrid, Malaga, Valencia;  Ryanair from Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga and Valencia; Volotea from Asturias, Vigo and Zaragoza; Vueling from Alicante, Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid,Valencia. These are summer options that every year change and in winter flights and companies are very limited.


Winter and Autumn weather

The temperature during the winter and autumn can go from -2 to 15 degrees depending the months. December, January and February can be the coldest and wettest months (-2 to 8 degrees) and because we are talking about an island it’s very humid even in winter, so the temperature and the feel can be quite different and dramatic. Some winters we even get snow! But the light is amazing, it’s a great opportunity to relax, if you have the option, and to do some treks and discover a more ‘hippy-tranquil’ life style.

Spring weather

We, ibicencos, say that there is no spring in Ibiza, at least not as you know it in your countries. Although you do see it in nature, the truth is that we can get pretty warm days and then cold nights, so it’s always a problem to get write what to wear, so our suggestion is to, always, carry a jacket or cardigan with you. Temperatures can go between 12 at night and 18 during the day (20-22 nearer the summer). And once again, light changes, so it’s a perfect time of the year to be part of the island’s blooming in all its senses.

Summer weather

As we said before, there is not so much spring, so summer can start in April and last until November. Obviously the temperatures change through the months, 15-38 degree. What it is true is that April can be a very rainy month too, in fact, we have a saying: ‘Abril lluvias mil’ (something like that: April 1000 rains) The hottest months are July and August; the humidity can get to 90% easily. The good thing is that you can get really nice and fresh air, so it’s a great opportunity to practice any water sports.