Visiónica ’16

From 25th to 27th July – The renowned festival of arts and new trends, Visiónica, born in 2004 in Asturias prepares its first meeting in Ibiza on an annual basis. As the main theme, for this year, it will be ” Human/The Bionic Art”

The Programme

Monday, July 25 – 20.00 – 24.00 – Opening Ceremony – El Hotel Pacha

Invitation only access (Artists, Graphic Designers, Journalists, Photographers, Videojokeys and diskjokeys).

In the opening ceremony we will have a compendium of artistic styles, enlivened by DJ session.:



Willie Márquez, Spanish artist inspired by the movement of ’68 was born in southern Spain, Jerez de la Frontera. He moved to the island of Ibiza at the age of 21, where he still resides. His innate artistic curiosity led him to get in contact with painting and thus find his own, poetic narrative and ethereal language. Much of his work is in important private collections and museums.



Salva has been working for over ten years as a photographer and designer, professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Altea. He has developed his working method combining photography with unmistakable design.



Jukka Hyytiäinen was born in Espoo, Finland, in 1979. He graduated from Lahti Institute of Fine Arts in 2008. Jukka Hyytiäinen has exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions -in Finland and Germany. His abstract figurative and the use of hands as a repetitive element of his work offers its own character.


Rob Loren2

Electronic magazine ‘Dj Mag’ has included the Asturian artist Roberto Lorenzo (Rob Loren) among the top twenty videojockeys (VJs.) in the world. Known for his intuitive simplicity to carry out projects with a warm and intimate tone, that makes us feel he is leading us by the hand.


Jackin the Jazz is the new project of musician, DJ and producer Mario Fueyo. Current resident DJ at Grand Palladium, he decorates his performances with a  careful selection of  piano music, saxophone and percussion played live. A reinvention of the classic DJ mixing sesions of dance music, from all times, with the magic of live music, electro roughness, jazz interludes, black roots jack house and funk. His grandstanding sessions become the perfect place to escape reality and immerse yourselves in an exciting sound spiral, fill with electric and acoustic pianos, organs, gospel and funk, samplers, sax, percussion and legendary sound DX100 connected to a talk box.


A resident DJ and producer in Ibiza. Elegant but with convincing sounds. Mixing deep and tech house with techno brushstrokes, makes each of his sessions perfect magic. 17 years of experience endorse him as well as being a DJ at Pacha, Space, Amnesia, Terrazza… and having shared the stage with Carl Cox, Dubfire, Laurent Garnier…

Tuesday, July 26 2016 – 20.00 – 24.00 – Open Day – El Hotel Pacha

Free entry

Exhibition of Artists Work:





Wednesday, July 27 2016 – 20.00 – 24.00 – Closing Ceremony – Very Special Guest – El Hotel Pacha

Free entry

During the closing there will be the following activities, in addition to continuing the exhibition of the artists:

YAWA ZE / DJ / SET FROM 20: 00h TO 21 : 00h

Horacio M. Alvarez


Horacio M Alvarez is a promising young artist living in Ibiza, his musical career, marked by constant exploration and self-learning, has taken him along unusual paths that make his proposals a unique and different experience. His training as a sound engineer allowed him to attend classical experimental Karlheinz Stockhausen’s master classes, the DIY electronics of genius Pete Edwards and finally synthesis with the great Pablo Cid. A sound marked by the most contemplative ‘ruidism’ and the relationship between light, color, frequency and vibration. His audiovisual creations and sessions are a journey to self-awareness through sensory perception and the connection between the individual and his surroundings. Strongly influenced by vanguard electronics of the last century, from Edgar Varèse Richard D James and his label Reflex. He combines his work as a musician, promoting cultural events related to technology, such as workshops on analogue and digital synthesis or writing articles for media related disclosure. His first work will see the light at the end of 2016 under different pseudonyms as Yawa, Julio Bender, ZE or Efedrain Levual on labels such as AMP or X-erie.

His session will be a tribute to the colundi sequence, a relationship of mysterious frequencies revealed by Grant Wilson-Claridge and Aleksi Perala that transports the listener to a state of collective consciousness through music.


Mario Fueyo

Mario Fueyo

Live & Improvised is a novel set of Jackin the Jazz based on improvisation. All content of his sessions is of exclusive creation, 100% improvised, with no loop or prerecorded sequences. Pure inspiration that will emerge in this meeting of creators. Current resident DJ at the Hotel Grand Palladium, Mario has been a pianist for great artists like Loquillo, Elliott Murphy, Willie Nile or Beatriz Luengo among others, and has played from heavy to reggae, from hip hop, to flamenco, Latin and Brazilian music. As a producer, he has released different AKAs references on labels such as Warner, House Café, Republic or Bones. Balearic LEM, his new show of live electronic music; a project inspired and created in Ibiza in which he captures all his musical experience of more than 20 years on stage around the world. His own compositions and mostly covers Chill, Nu Jazz Brazil or well-known themes of all times.

ANDY LAGUNA / DJ / SET/ FROM 22:00h TO 23:40h

Andy Laguna

Andy Laguna

A resident DJ and Producer in Ibiza. Elegant but with strong sounds. Mixing deep and tech house with touches of techno, makes each of his sessions perfect magic to capture public attention and giving you the variety that every moment of the night needs. A disc jockey with feeling and musical culture, endorsed with 17 years of experience in some of the best venues in the world such as SPACE (Ibiza) PRIVILEGE (Ibiza), Pacha (Sitges/Ibiza) TERRAZZA (Barcelona) LA COVA (Barcelona) ROW 14 (Barcelona) TRILOGY (Dubai) PEARL Club (Qatar) NICETO club (Argentina) Ushuaia Ibiza resident Dj beach club (2014/15) among many others, and sharing the stage with DJs like CARL COX, DUBFIRE, LAURENT GARNIER, JOSH WINK, Mr C, DEEP DISH, TANIA VULCANO, ROGER SANCHEZ, JOHN JACOBSEN, CESAR MELERO, DAVID TORT among many others. Quite a talent with a great track record that you can learn a lot from.


Rob Loren

Rob Loren

Visual artist and researcher. HE works from His platform (Audiovisionarte Studio) in Ibiza. He has participated as VJ (Rob Loren) in some of the most important clubs and festivals in the country such as: The Real (Oviedo), El Jardin (Gijon), Technotrax (Madrid), Sala Itzela (San Sebastián), Zona Limite (Pamplona) Zeus Sala (La Coruna), Privilege (Ibiza), Room Cool (Madrid), Sala Groove (Madrid), Sala Kapital (Madrid), Sala Kadoc (Portugal), Doctor Music Festival, Dj 2000 (Burgos), Phonótica ( Gijon), 7 One. (Madrid), Visiónica Festival (Asturias)… The electronic music magazine ‘Dj Mag’ has included the Asturian artist Roberto Lorenzo (Rob Loren) among the top twenty videojockeys (VJs.) in the world. This is the second year that Rob Loren is among those selected by the publication in its annual survey. Rob Loren is undoubtedly a reference in our environment, for those who want to continue on this path. One of his most notable projects is “Visiónica” a festival dedicated to the visual arts and culture.