• Visiónica 2016

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Visiónica, arises more than a decade ago with the aim to create an active engagement with the world of contemporary artistic creation and the consistent and attractive image of an exceptional cultural offer. Organized by Amassa collective, commisioned by visual artist Roberto Lorenzo and promoted by the City of Oviedo and the Principality of Asturias.

In Visiónica we have always presented a different theme, (that characterizes us) the design and robotic objects, advanced architecture, photography, art of customizing, music, cuisine, cinema, augmented reality, sensory art, animalistic art… and after this time sharing cultural experiences and facilitating people to approach the world of art in a completely freeway, we have felt the need to be a little humanists.

In Visiónica each artist explores the possibilities through different methods, but we feel that we are in an exciting search for new audiovisual languages.

Annual Event

2016 Dates – 25th to 27th July

From 8 to 12pms

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