Wake Up Festival

A call to Wake Up :: 3 days of Music, Dance, Art, Walks, Meditations, Nature & Love

Join us in this unique gathering to celebrate, connect, heal, transcend, expand & make a change!

Wake Up Ibiza Festival returns for it’s 2nd edition on the 10th Sept signaling a celebration of the closing of the summer season and the time to encourage and create new beginnings under the power of the New Moon. This time, together with Ibiza nature lovers, Hiking Ibiza.nl, we have teamed up to create a 3 day package of inspiring events.

Day 1 :: 10th Sept
WAKE UP IBIZA FESTIVAL :: Awakening Journey through Healing, Yoga & Workshops, Live Music, Artistic & Visual Performances, Meditation, Dance & Joy

Day 2 :: 11th Sept
Hiking Ibiza for a New Moon meditation :: RECHARGE YOURSELF with the magic of IBIZA NATURE

Day 3 :: 12th Sept
Celebration @ MANDALA GARDEN with an exclusive concert by Mantrica (live music with hang , chanting & dance)

More Info: http://www.wakeupibizafestival.com/ or Facebook Page: http://buff.ly/1JDrTSS

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