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It all began with Christian (the creator of this multi-service agency) and his 1997 Citroen Saxo after arriving from Italy by himself in 2003.

The car was his best friend. They went everywhere together, and sometimes he slept in the car by the seaside.

The car never gave him any problems, while more modern cars were often sent to the mechanic because of their many electronic extras. So Christian decided to jump into this new project by investing in, simple but reliable cars, similar to his dear Citroen Saxo.

With help from some of his friends, and by collaborating with new artists, he created the “we-love-ibiza” art car’s style!

THE CONCEPT: Considering that only dead fishes swim with the current, we are proud of going against the tide and having an anti consumerism footprint.

In our opinion, cars from year 2000 onwards, are built to fail, while cars created before that date were built to last.

Weloveibiza art cars is trying to create a reliable product, that can last as long as possible, by investing in cars that have still a lot to offer!

Art Car Rentals

Art cars in perfect condition. Our cars are more than just works of art! All our cars have 5 doors, air conditioning and power steering for maximum comfort.

Scooter Rental

125cc Tweet scooters equipped with trunks for beach towels, bags, etc. Two helmets, chain and insurance to third included with every scooter.


We have cars and scooters available in various places around the island and we offer free pick up and transport to the vehicles!

Opening Hours

From 9:00 am to 8:30 pm (for reservations outside these hours, do not hesitate to check my availability)

Contact Weloveibiza

weloveibizartcar@hotmail.com Tel.: 971 341344 Mob.: 679333782   png-facebook-icon Web-icono


To make the reservation online a deposit of 15% of the totality must be paid in advanced.

The customer must provide a credit or debit card data, in the event that the customer does not turn up and, therefore, to proceed the charge of the entire booking.

Cancellation Policy

  • If the client notifies with 1 month in advance, we’ll charge only 15% of the total amount.
  • If the client notifies up to 15 days before the reservation, 50% of the total will be charged.
  • If the customer advises less than 15 days before the reservation, the full amount will be charged.


Italian, Spanish and English.

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