Things to Do in Ibiza at Christmas

Ibiza Breathes 365 Days a Year!

We already know about Ibiza’s ‘fame’, why ‘most’ of people visit the island and when is the busiest time of the year. But is that all? Is there really nothing else? Not even at Christmas? It’s clear that we can not compete with the snow-covered towns or with the big capitals and their traditional Christmas markets or, even, the famous locations in the Caribbean or Pacific. Ibiza, for many, stops being a paradise when the summer solstice leaves us…

What if we told you that Ibiza is amazing in winter? It’s true that the offer decreases, but everything has its positive side, and in this case it’s to be able to enjoy the places that are brave enough to remain open in order to provide residents with a very interesting alternative and at the same time relaxed.

Ibiza in winter is light, the sun on its coast and its fields; it’s smells, those of the forests, the rain and the wood fireplaces; it’s culture and tradition, the towns are increasingly active and organize activities for all the public; it’s gastronomy, enjoy true delights of some chefs who prefer local products; it’s music, life on the streets warms up with the different live concerts that are organized around the island… In short, Ibiza breathes the 365 days of the year!

Because of this, for Visit Ibiza it is very important to share with you all available proposals of all the things to do on the island… So, let’s go with what Ibiza has prepared for this 2018 Christmas festivities!

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When You Visit Ibiza

visit culture, tradition, gastronomy, history and music. Let it surprise you!

When you visit Ibiza you do it with expectations, with the intention of living a series of experiences, of enjoying a holiday in a way you never have before. If we put all these ideas together and mix them up, like in a cocktail, we find the ‘perfect formula’ that so many people come to enjoy. But is it really perfect? And, if it is, for whom? Do we all feel identified with that ‘explosive recipe’?

That is something that we’ll leave to each of you to answer.

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The Time Machine

Travel in the time machine to discover the ancient Ibiza.

Visiting Ibiza and not going up to Dalt Vila or the Punic necropolis of Puig des Molins is like traveling to Rome and not visiting the Colosseum or, to give a closer example, spending a weekend in Granada and not visiting the Alhambra. The island is world famous for its ‘temples’ of techno music and for its beautiful beaches. However, there are other almost unnoticed tourist attractions nobody should miss, such as the necropolis of Puig des Molins, the largest archaeological site of the Pityusan. The five hectares that have been preserved from its original surface now make it the most important Punic cemetery in the western Mediterranean. It was declared a World Heritage Site in 1999.
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Roger Rabbit y el cine en Ibiza

Increíble pero cierto, Roger Rabbit es ibicenco. Seguro que pocos conocíais este detalle sobre el famoso conejo, nosotros lo descubrimos gracias a la conferencia que impartió el pasado jueves el cineasta pitiuso Enrique Villalonga en el espacio cultural Sa Nostra Sala. Al parecer, el animador y director, Richard Williams, que vivió en la isla durante los años 50, se inspiró en un payaso al que vio actuar en Dalt Vila para crear este dibujo animado. Ésta es sólo una de las anécdotas que Villalonga relató en la charla, centrada en la relación que Ibiza y el cine han mantenido durante el siglo XX. Sólo en este período, se rodaron en Ibiza más de 70 largometrajes, una importante parte de ellos producciones extranjeras que no se llegaron a estrenar aquí.
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