Top Things To Do

From Visit Ibiza we wanted to make it easy for you!

Discover all the different sports, entertainment, cultural activities, etc that you can do in our small paradise… Ibiza has a lot to offer, you just have to discover it!


One of Ibiza’s greatest treasures, yet to be discovered by many new visitors, is the deap sea!


Ibiza has a great range of water activities and among them diving is one of the best opportunities you will find to experience the wonderful underwater life. Ibiza’s clrear crystal waters are the ideal scenario for a professional diver or anyone wishing to experience the beauty of its caves, coral reefs and the endemic seaweed called “Posidonia”. You will also be able to swim with many different species such as tunas, groupers, morays, octopus, barracudas…

Active Dive, in San Antonio, gives you the opportunity to discover this great underworld with its guided tour around some of the best places near San Antonio, Margaritas Islands from the North to the South East in Es Vedra through the natural park of Cala D’Hort.

SUP Paddle

Has become an icon in water sports and, of course, you can also practise it in Ibiza!


You can combine sea and sightseeing with the SUP board while on the island, you can either go by yourself, you can count on the help of a very special teacher for us Ascanio from Ascanio Surf School or join some of the many tours that are organised with Planoram at any time of day. From beginners courses to SUP Paddle tours allowing you to be part of one of the island’s wonders, its sunsets!

Also… ParaSailing or FlyBoarding

Watch the sunset from above while you Parasail or Flyboard the coastline!


Ibiza is a great place to practice, one of the most ancestral water sports, all year around!


And what better way to enjoy Ibiza’s coastline an sunsets than on a kayak?!

Kayak your way from San Antonio to the caves of Cala Bassa. As you exit the caves, the colors of the sun setting and the peaceful tour on the still evening conditions will melt your senses. And who better than our great and fun guide Ascanio from Ascanio Surf School (check his windsurfing classes) to show us so much beauty?!

Walking the Island

Walk the beautiful valleys, villages or discover some of the most amazing places using this wonderful tool, Video Map, created thinking of all those who like to leave in total freedom.

But if instead you tather to go with a guide, Toby and his experienced guides from Walking Ibiza, will show you the wonderful and natural side of Ibiza.  From easy to hard private walks, from day tailord to longer walks with accommodation and extras, Walking Ibiza will help you every step of the way.

Walking Food Tours

Enjoying Ibiza from a foodie point of view!!


A food tour stopping off at 10 different eateries in Ibiza town to taste the flavors of Ibiza and Spain. You will find out some interesting facts about this misunderstood Island and learn about all the local delicacies and drinks.

You visit the local markets, the away from it all establishments that only the locals know and really connect with Ibiza via the food and drinks with the help of Ibiza Food Tours

And to top it up… One of Ibiza’s latest activities!

Escape Rooms Ibiza

Work as a team to Escape in under 60 minutes!


Ibiza’s first and most addictive escape room – escape game experience! 4 escape games with different and exciting challenges, each offering an unforgettable experience full of surprises, adventure and intrigue! Follow the clues, solve the puzzles and mysteries and have loads of fun in one of our Escape Rooms Ibiza!

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